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Along with being a CERTIFIED SERVICE CENTER for Razor, Power Wheels, Peg-Perego, Kid Trax, Radioflyer, and Dynacraft, (and also for some quads, ATV's, Go-Karts, etc...) we will now also build your vehicles for you!

Eliminite the hassle of having to go through the shipment process, and the worry of damages done in the packing/shipping process! Have them shipped straight to our store and our service guys will be happy to take care of getting your vehicle ready for riding ASAP!!  Your vehicles will be PROFESSIONALLY INSPECTED BEFORE SIGNING FOR THEM AND ALSO BEFORE ASSEMBLY!  Your vehicle WILL ALSO HAVE A FULL SAFETY CHECK PERFORMED BEFORE BEING RELEASED FROM OUR SERVICE GARAGE!!

We will also be happy to help with ANY assembly/installation needs you may have- from previously purchased basketball systems (portables/wall and roof mounts included), to game tables and trampolines that need a little "fixing-up" or putting together- our service men at Hoops Plus will help make sure your assembly/installation and service needs are taken care of!


Hoops Plus Delivery and Assembly Service has been in business for 30+ years, with the MOST EXTENSIVE KNOWLEDGE of the business within the Tri-County Area!  (Westchester, Putnam and Lower CT!) Our service men have a wide variety of expertise and we here at Hoops Plus are CONFIDENT that NO MATTER THE ASSEMBLY/DISASSEMBLY /OR INSTALLATION NEEDED- OUR MEN ARE THE RIGHT MEN FOR THE JOB!


For any further information or general inquiries, please feel free to call us directly and we will be happy to discuss your needs!!



We create entire multi-purpose game courts consisting of premium basketball systems, nightime lighting, adjustable net systems, tetherball, sports flooring, batting cages, etc.


Our basketball and recreational products are high-end and top quality.  In addition to wall mounts, portables, and freestanding units, we also handle custom installations. 


Call Hoops Plus if you are interested in net containment systems, court stenciling, hoop lighting, outdoor game tables, poolside products, etc.


Court Creation

Convert that unused playground area since your kids have outgrown it in a full performing basketball court!

We can utilize your existing outer perimeter (I.E. landscape ties, or Belgian block), and work within the same boarder.

Unique patented court panels allow us to create a solid, even play surface without the need for common expensive blacktop or concrete and are available in several select colors

Multicolored panels can & will help beautify your new court.

Our unique layout and design also enable your yard to stay in pristine condition as there is no need for heavy machinery/trucks (I.E hauling concrete or blacktop) on your property.

Please call us at your earliest convenience if you’re looking to create your own court, as this new service is exclusive to us!!

Indoor/Outdoor Sport Flooring

Convert that unused garage or courtyard area into a full performing basketball court!

Whatever the size, however big or small the space, our guys can help you with all your sport flooring needs!


 Custom Boundary Containment Netting

Netting system allows ball to remain in playing area if landscaping is not level

Perfect solution for steep inclines or to protect delicate flowers and foliage

All-weather, high strength, UV-protected mesh and powder-coated 2½" posts available in black



Hoop Refinishing

Complete sanding of entire basketball system (Not down to bare steel)

Repaint of system with approved Rustoleum paint products 

Cleaning/detailing of glass/acrylic backboard (acrylic loses clarity over time)

Replacement or refinishing of rim (dependent on individual service) & new net

Replacement height indicator decal (only when necessary)

Does not include backboard padding or pole padding

Rectify Impacted Basketball Hoop

In certain scenarios we are able to rectify basketball systems that have been damaged due to an impact from a car, truck, etc. Depending on the extent of damage, we can try to salvage the existing system either by replacing damaged parts and/or resetting the base in the ground.


Professional Backboard Relinining


A Unique process only offered by Hoops Plus to recreate the original screen painted lines that have worn away over time. This service includes a reestablished outer perimeter backboard line, shooters square, and a new white heavy-duty net for your rim. 

Professional Backboard Replacement


A Unique process only offered by Hoops Plus to remove your broken/damagaed backboard and replace it with either a brand new backboard, or a certified refurbished backboard!  Our professional service guys will clean up all broken glass, leaving your play area safe and ready for play!

Stop by our store or call today to talk about what options you may have!

(Certified Refurbished Backboards are only available for some models)

Professional Trampoline Repair 

& Trampline Refinishing


Hoops Plus repairs and refinishes the most trampolines in the Westchester & Fairfield Counties! 

Whether your trampoline needs new pad, new frame and poles or anything you can imagine,

Hoops Plus will fix it all.

Indoor Court Design & Installation


Outdoor Court Design & Installation


Painting & Maintenance of Professionally Painted Court Schematics

Commercial Court Painting (Volleyball & Basketball) 

Commercial Basketball Systems & Volleyball/Multi Game Net Systems


Residential Ice Rink

Professional Seasonal Take Down

& Reinstallation of Ice Rinks


Residential Batting Cage

Professional Seasonal Take Down

& Reinstallation of Batting Cages


Mock Up Services



Protective Indoor/Outdoor Sport Wall Padding


Available in 4'x2' or 6'x2'

Available in a wide variety of colors!

Protects children from possibly injury while playing!


Custom Installations


Sonotube for hoop base

Notch in ground for in-ground hoop base installation


Store Hours :


Monday - Friday

10:00am - 6:00pm


10:00am - 2:00pm



Where to Find Us:

261 Fields Lane

Unit 1

Brewster, NY 10509

Phone: 914 666-7784


We are a Certified Service Center for Power Wheels® vehicles, RazorCurrie, Peg-Perego,Dynacraft,Radio Flyer Kid Trax & Little Tikes Battery Powered Vehicle Products!

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