Hoop Accessories

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Ground Anchors

  •  3.5, 4, 5 & 6" sleeves or bolt-type anchors cement in place allowing for easy post removal 
  • Posts secure inside sleeve via 8 tension bolts ensuring perfect leveling 
  • Sleeves bury anywhere from 36" - 48" depending on sleeve 
  • The perfect "cure" for relocating your system due to a possible move or relocation

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48" Extension Arm

  • 48"- extension arm offsent
  • Fits all Huffy Sports & Spalding Backboards,as well as most other 60" Backboards
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  • BaseGel is an innovative, super-absorbent polymer that replaces sand or water as ballast weight for portable base supports
  • Seals leaks in portable basketball system bases to eliminate costly repairs
  • Cross-linked polyacrylate polymer absorbs up to 400 times its weight in water
  • Creating a firm, stable gel that will last up to 7 years
  • Light-weight and easy to use- easily reversed if needed 

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      Pre-Formed Post Pads

  • Available in 4", 5" & 6" 
  • Extra thick design helps protect against impact 
  • All-weather construction 
  • Various models. Please call and inquire

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Backboard Pads

• Fits backboard 48" - 72" in width
• Pad mounts directly to the frame of the board reducing the need for glue and tape
• Available in indoor and outdoor models and several color variations in indoor model

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    Indoor/Outdoor Wall Padding


  • Padding is available in a multitude of colors
  • Available with or without wood backing
  • Available in removable velcro backing
  • We can put any graphic/screen print you would like on our padding!!

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    Deluxe Basketball Retention Device

  • Holds 1 or 2 balls securely, even under windy conditions
  • Installs easily on any 3",4" or 4 1/2" pole's ( clamps included for smaller diameter posts, additional hardware required for larger diameter post )
  • Also attaches to garage studs for inside storage
  • Measures approximately 15" high 
  • Durable and powder coated
  • Available in 2 or 4 ball option

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      Ball Rack

  • 3/4" galvanized steel tubing provide rigid structure
  • Wide base eliminates tipping 
  • Large plastic non-marking casters for easy moving 
  • Available in 12 & 24 ball rack

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Wall Rack

• 1" galvanized steel tubing with 3/4" galvanized steel tube side rails
• Measures 60" H x 42" L x 11" W  
• Holds 16 basketballs or 20 volleyballs and will accomodate balls up to 13" in diameter

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      Hoops Plus Deluxe Hoop Light

  • 1 1/4" 13 GAUGE SQUARE STEEL POLE for ultimate rigidity
  • Dual 500 WATT Halogen Lamps (Total- 1000 WATTS!!) with standard 2000 Hour Bulb
  • 16' 3" from the playing surface, and projects 6'7" beyond your basketball system
  • Ready for the elements, with a simple, clean mounting

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      Mammoth Hoop Light

  • High-powered halogen lamps attaches to your basketball system
  • Lights up to 100' x 120' area. Includes  500 watt bulbs and has 2000 hour bulb life 
  • Located 8' above hoop eliminating most ball contact and available in standard and extended models 
  • Four different models available
  • No electrical wiring performed(Electrician required)

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      Custom Ground Cover

  • Safety cushioned surface that permits vertical "give" and lateral "forgiveness" to relieve joint trauma
  • Can be used to cover discolored and cracked outdoor basketball courts 
  • Self-draining design puts an end to dribbling in puddles
  • Keeps court 50% cooler

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      Multi Purpose Court

  • Custom designed and installed recreational area
  • Basketball, volleyball, tennis, inline skating, ice skating etc. 
  • Removable tennis, volleyball and tetherball posts allows for greater versatility 
  • Can be outfitted with overhead lighting for nightime activities

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      Custom Sport Flooring

  • Custom sport flooring,complete with line schematics!
  • Turn your garage or other unused area into an indoor court with professional sport flooring! 
  • Completely customizable to your speficiations and needs!

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      Professional Dashed Line Court Schematic

  • Created in dashed line format to exact specs
  • Schematic includes entire box and key with hack marks and 3 point line 
  • Performed with approved industrial-type paint for street use and is available in white, yellow and green

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      Professional Solid Line Court Schematic

  • Created in solid line format to exact specs
  • Schematic includes entire box, key and 3 point line 
  • Performed with approved industrial-type paint for street use and is available in white, yellow and green
  • Inset picture image results apply to blacktop driveway only.  Tennis court application lines will be sharper

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      Professional Court Sketching & Logos

  • Created in solid line format to exact specs
  • Schematic includes entire box and key and 3 point line 
  • Performed with approved industrial-type paint for street use and is available in different colors

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      Basketball Court Team Decals

  • Dimensions: 4'W x 3'3"H
  • Made of high-grade textures vinyl that's slip and scuff resistant
  • Dress up your court and show everyone that you're a fan

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      Hoop Refinishing

  • Complete sanding of entire basketball system (Not down to bare steel)
  • Repaint of system with approved Rustoleum paint products 
  • Cleaning/detailing of glass/acrylic backboard (acrylic loses clarity over time)
  • Replacement or refinishing of rim (dependent on individual service) & new net
  • Replacement height indicator decal (only when necessary)
  • Does not include backboard padding or pole padding

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Basketball Hoop Reline


A Unique process only offered by Hoops Plus to recreate the original screen painted lines that have worn away over time. This service includes a reestablished outer perimeter backboard line, shooters square, and a new white heavy-duty net for your rim. 

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